Monday, May 16, 2011

Hank & Hannah's Wedding

Allison, Aubrey, and I drove up to OK for a whirlwind weekend...

Things I learned:

1) Allison gets carsick if she sits in the backseat. It will forever be prevented if I'm around.

2) Aubrey and Allison have magic phones that turn off mysteriously in the middle of the night so the alarm doesn't go off at 4:30 AM when it's supposed to.
3) Thank goodness Aubrey woke up. At 7 AM. Oh well, better than nothing.

4) Stinky-footed dude on an elevator (confined space) make me want to never, EVER stay in that hotel again.

5) Stinky-footed dude can make three girls simultaneously reach into their purses for perfume.
6) Hwy 66 has FOUR names, and for that reason, I've been ALL OVER Edmond. And when I say all over, I mean ALL OVER.
7) Arriving late is embarrassing, thank goodness the entrance was behind the crowd.

8) --- oh yeah, there was a wedding I was going to share pictures of...

the dashing groomsmen

and beautiful bridesmaids...

and gorgeous bride...

people, people everywhere...

and what wedding wouldn't be complete without the couple looking around to get ideas?

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