Monday, May 2, 2011

Why blog?

Oh my. What have I done? The moment I pushed the 'create blog' button, hysterical laughs started bubbling up my throat. Literally hysterical.

I have always been annoyed with blogs. I thought to myself - "those blog-obsessed people are so DUMBBBBB". "Why do they feel the need to share their entire life with the whole world?" "Do they even HAVE a life?"


a bad, BAD thing happened.

I READ some blogs. It started with my sister's (they always say it starts with something little, ya know).... and then some of her followers.... and then some friends' blogs... and then some of THEIR followers... and THEN... random people that I don't even know! This is BAAAD.

And you know what?

I. LIKED. IT. Oh I'm really embarrassed.

So now I have to eat everything I've ever said about how people that start blogs are dumb.

SO... my purpose for this blog is to share pictures and thoughts with my friends and family, and THAT IS ALL.

HA, who am I kidding, no one's gonna read it anyways. Except maybe Allison. Allison, I can count on you, eh?

I'm still laughing hysterically...


  1. Oh yeah, I'll totally follow/read your blog. You fork.

    This is awesome. Love you!

  2. YAY IM SO GLAD! I know, I'm a fork. But at least Im not a t-boner:)

  3. You can count on me. I'm a HuUge fan of yours.

  4. I love blogging and can't wait to be a follower of your blog!!! :) Enjoyed the chat with you tonight and yes, blogging gets VERY addictive...just like FB! :)

  5. Mee tooo! Except my boss said "No internet use" whats the fun in that??? Dum dum