Monday, December 19, 2011


YES, I do realize that my poor blog has been neglected and left bare of new posts lately. I know that each and every one of my followers eagerly awaits a new post every day (I'm pretty sure that I imagine that, but let's pretend that it's the truth. Just for now.).
I have not lost the blogging spirit.
I have not stopped taking pictures.
I have not died.
I have not taken a world wide exploration with only a backpack.
I HAVE finished school. (Clapping and cheering). Because I have wanted to say that for awhile, let me repeat that. I HAVE FINISHED SCHOOL.
That is, a small part of what I hope my schooling consists of. But I have finished for now and I don't know what the next part will be right now, SO... I will blog lots more often. And I will take lots more pictures. And I will post lots more recipes. And I will learn how to play the piano better. And I will read some good books that have been stacking up waiting for me. And I will go to California THIS week to visit friends. I really will.
Over and out.