Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Philippe & Sherina - Engagement

Let me introduce you to Philippe & Sherina...

Philippe works in the oil industry in Houston. Sherina is in med school in Mexico. Yes, MEXICO. As in, FAAARRR from Houston. They met through mutual friends.... and the rest is history? Yup, pretty much. They plan to get married as soon as Sherina graduates from med school.

I had SOOO much fun taking pictures with them! I was a little nervous at first, I had never met EITHER of them, but they are so fun and friendly that I started enjoying myself right away...

I'm still not sure who is funnier... they both crack each other up...

In the Iranian custom (Sherina is from Iran), the male wears an engagement ring, too.

This is their college sign... (college sign? really, kristen, you couldn't find a better description than THAT?)

Thank you, Sherina & Philippe, for the fun shoot. I enjoyed every minute :) !

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  1. Nice! How did you end up taking their engagement pictures?

  2. Danke. Philippe is the son of my boss. Why she asked me if I would take their pictures? I. Have. No. Idea. Oh well, it was fun :)

  3. RREAALLLY CUTE KRIS!! I was made it sound like they were just eehh pics but they turned out GREAT! :)

  4. Your a natural. I would be smiling the whole time too if you were taking my pictures.

  5. oh cuz i look so funny? :) heh heh, THEY were cracking ME up... seriously, they are soooo fun.