Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, back when we were in Colorado, I took a couple pictures of Brad and JoLynn's family. Yeah, way back then. And only a couple because it promptly started raining as soon as we started. Gotta love Colorado. this little goofball with Dracula teeth...

...and this smart, pretty Miss Priss...

... and this handsome, silly guy...

JoLynn pointed out that it's kind of ironic that during these pictures it was - "Caitlin, get rid of the pouty face", "Braden, SMILE FOR REAL, OR ESLE!", "Brantley, quit sticking out your tongue unless you want a spanking!"... and then - "Okay... be happy! SMILE, KIDS!!"

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli

Some of you know that I have attempted vegetarianism for the past 12 months. This has opened up a world of food that I would've never eaten before. Such as... strange vegetables... and tofu... and more desserts (hee hee)... and many other things. One of those being mushrooms. And now I love them. I found a recipe for a spinach and sausage ravioli, switched it up a little, added a couple things, and this is what it became. The big sneak in this one is using EGG ROLL WRAPPERS. Did anyone know you could do that? Because I didn't. And it sure would've saved a world of trouble the first time Aubrey and I had a girl's dinner and attempted making our own pasta. Chewy, salty, thick, inedible. Anyways... marching on.

Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli

A few handfuls of fresh spinach (the recipe originally called for frozen spinach, but I did it both ways and let me tell you, there's a big difference in taste, fresh is definitely better)

1 pkg egg roll wrappers

Lots of mushrooms (depends on how mushroomy you like it) - cut into small pieces

1 c Ricotta cheese

1 c fresh shaved Parmesan cheese, plus extra for garnish

2 eggs - beaten with 1 T water

Saute the fresh spinach in 1 T of butter. Set aside. Add a little SWOOSH of extra virgin olive oil to the pain and toss the mushrooms in. Let them cook for about 7 minutes, then add the spinach back into the pan and cook all together for about 3 more minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Mix together the Ricotta and Parmesan. Add the spinach-mushroom mixture and season to taste. I threw in a little crushed red pepper for a kick. Oh yeah. Mix all together.

Brush one egg roll wrapper with the egg-water mixture. Add four dollops of the filling about an inch apart. Lay another wrapper on top and cut in fourths. Press down the edges to make a ravioli pocket and brush the edges with the egg-water mixture. Set on a cookie sheet.

Boil the raviolis in 4 quarts of oiled, salted water for THREE minutes. Don't put too many in the pot of water or they will stick together and break (I did 4-5 at a time). Use a slotted spoon to remove from boiling water and place them back on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle with parmesan.

They look a little wrinkled and dead when you take them out of the water.

Throw them on a plate, add a little marinara and more parmesan, vegetables... and they're looking a little more alive.

Add friends and your sister's homeade french bread, and you have a party.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Aubrey's 24th

Yes, I know I have neglected my blog for weeks. But for the past TWO MONTHS, I have been working on planning a surprise birthday for Aubrey. And between that, and company, and school, and work, yeah... anyways.

Aubrey does not like surprises. So, to try to justify what I was doing, we start with a beautiful and relaxing setting...

Brad and Jo's patio

Mr. Egg Roll Maker. Eric did a LOT for this party. Planning, getting food, cooking. Oh man. If there was a way to describe the goodness of his eggrolls and his chips and guacamole on this blog, I would try.

Anxiously awaiting her arrival. It's slightly annoying that I didn't even get a picture of her coming in the door. Basically, I told her that some girls were going over to JoLynn's to swim and for dinner. Anyways, her surprise to having about forty people waiting in the living room was evident. OH! THE ICING ON THE CAKE - Marie came out! Two surprises in one, even better.

Just look at that food. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Hot wings, cheeseball and crackers, eggrolls, grilled vegetable and meat kabobs...

Chips and guacamole and salsa, fruit skewers and dip, sushi...

Kendra helped me put this together by sneaking some pictures from the house...

Oh man. Cheesecake with blackberry and raspberry sauce.

We had a really fun time. I'm kinda proud that she was actually suprised after all this time and so many people knowing. Yes, I'm kinda proud.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red River, NM

And this post brings our lovely trip to a close. I did'nt take very many pictures in Colorado OR Red River... why do I do that?

I love Red River. I want to move there. I am going to convince Uncle Steve to open a small clinic there and I will go work there in the summer. I'm sure he will quickly agree when he hears about my plan. Yes, he will.

Oh, the infamous ski lift. September camp, like, six years ago. We all rode to the top of the mountain, where it promptly started pouring rain. Hiking in the cold, wet rain and mud. Oh yeah.

We met several for dinner at Timber's Steakhouse.

Carter kept me entertained by cutting, stabbing, and gulping giant pieces of imaginary food. Arms flailing about, animated chomping noises... oh me, he's a funny kid.

This is Leighton and I

The Dr. himself... contemplating my plan of moving there, I'm sure.

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More of Colorado

Hanging around the campground included hiking around, volleyball, lots of singing...

... card games and caramel corn...

... and late night trailer parties...

On Friday, several of us went 4 wheeling up to Animas Forks and then over Cinnamon pass and to the American Basin (which is GORGEOUS).

Thank you, James and Lori, for sticking with me when my 4 wheeler died about a million times... and when we missed the turn off that the rest of the group sped through, leaving not so much as a trace of a dust cloud... and when we drove almost all the way to Lake City... and when we were so lost that I entertained thoughts of lying on the ground and pretending that I was hurt so the next car would stop and we could get directions... and when it poured ice-cold rain down on our heads as we sped back to Cinnamon Pass...

Oh, it was great fun... I hit every puddle I could find and the picture doesn't even begin to do justice as to how dirty I was.

And if anyone wants to know how it feels to be 80 years old, go 4 wheeling for nine hours the day before you want to feel that way. Then the next morning, jump out of bed, ready and excited to face the day, and watch and feel as your body keels over in agony and refuses to let you move as a normal person would move for the next two days. It's great fun!

This is Leighton...

And this is Harper... the youngest (and most adorable) humans there.

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