Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grandaddy's 90th

Last Saturday, most of the family gathered to celebrate Grandaddy's 90th birthday. I spent a lot of time looking through old pictures a few days before the party and was amazed at how many I had never seen before, some are quite humorous. I have seen maybe a total of 5 pictures of my grandmother and it was very interesting looking at more, since she passed away before I was born and I never got to meet her. Here's some pictures from the evening.

Check out Dad's rockin' spectacles. 

This was Aunt Jo's wedding (obviously), she looks like a kid. She WAS a kid. 

This picture scares me a little, Aunt Jo looks positively evil.

Grandaddy in his element - a table full of chocolate.

The grandchildren. 

The greatgrandchildren. 

And the children with their spouses.

His grandchildren were requested to write down a memory of Grandaddy from younger years... so I shared about the only time I remember getting a spanking from Grandaddy...
I was about seven years old. Dad and Mom were out of town so Grandaddy and Mimi were babysitting us kids. Well, on my way home from school that day, I heard a kid on the bus use the word 'gay' for the first time and as we were walking up the driveway, I asked Roger what it meant. He wouldn't tell me, but he told me that it would be really funny if I called JoLynn gay. So, we all sit down to dinner and I promptly said in a singsong voice, "JoLynn is gay!". Grandaddy asked me what I had just said, so I repeated it for him and he gently took my hand, led me to Dad and Mom's room, spanked me soundly, and told me not to use words that I didn't know the meaning of.
Anyways, I do have many GOOD memories of Grandaddy as well, such as him blowing giant bubbles with Laura and I in their driveway, sneaking us candy right before dinner, taking us on walks... He is a big fan of walking, I never will forget him taking me to the mall to walk, me trying not to look like a nerd, and him trying to look the otherway, keeping me engrossed in conversation, and acting like we weren't passing a Victoria's Secret.
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  1. Kristen you make me laugh! That is the sort of thing I wouldh have done! Grandpa's are awesome!

  2. This was the greatest post ever. Interesting pictures. Who knew that such an evil little girl (JoLinda) could turn into such a gracious lady? We were in Texas two years ago when your grandad had a birthday in the blue room. If I recall, that was pretty hilarious. Or maybe it was just Cameron's comments on a birthday card that were hilarious!

  3. I remember at christmas time every year he would get up and say, "I never call it christmas, I call it xmas" and then he would proceed to say chrstmas about 5 more times throughout his testimony, all the while insisting he never calls it christmas. I also remember him telling me he was going to get up on a chair and dance at my wedding, I love them both!

  4. Lana - I do believe Cameron was bitter that his parents made him get a haircut before his last birthday party. Tum - I SOOOO remember him telling you that! That's halarious!