Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I've slipped off of the blogging track lately. I am determined not to become pressured to post really often. But I WOULD like to share what's been going on lately...

A frozen yogurt party for some Granbury girls...

Plain tart and Mango flavored frozen yogurt with all the toppings, mint mojitos... mmmmmm... how come most of my posts have something to do with food?

Em and Steph swinging in the park

I can't help but think - " Near, far, whereEEVVVVEEERRRR you are... "

Jennifer Jones' graduation. Now THAT is what I call 'a SEA of people'

we yelled accordingly.

Miss Braelyn

Kimberlee and I

The graduate herself...

And her humongous family.

Baby Lee and family (sorry D & J, ya'll aren't important anymore) came to visit.

I know it's blurry and bad coloring... but... HE'S SMILING AT ME! He loves me already.

Pops and Beau

And congratulations to Mason on graduating, also. The only picture I got of the whole evening...

Anna, Mason, and Jenni

and now I'm off to make dinner because it's... Tuesday Doomsday...

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  1. I wish I could have been there for the FIRST part of the AG party...looks like so much fun.
    You forgot to mention that at the graduation...that SEA of people ALL looked at us when we yelled for Jennifer. Made me so proud. haha :)
    oh...and that pic of me and Ajo...sick

  2. Bwahahaha "Tuesday Doomsday" What's for dinner, Kris?

    Also: I miss those swings. They're my fave.

    Also: I miss your face. And that picture of you and Aubrey is super cute.

    Also: I am a fan of Mason's shirt.

    Also: Make me a mojito, por favor.

  3. @ aub- i said we yelled accordingly. as for the pic of you and ajo, i have no pity, you took it.
    @ allybee- come to texas and you can see my face, swing on the swing, and i will even make you a mojito. cant promise that you can steal mason's shirt, though.