Thursday, June 30, 2011

California Part 1

California was a blast. Let me give you a little backstory - I got sick a few days before my trip. Body aches, high fever, headache, sore throat, etc. No problem, I thought, I still have three days to get better before my trip. It got worse and worse, so I did a strep screen at work, negative. The night before my trip it got so bad that the ER was sounding like a very nice place to be to me. Or maybe I was just delirious, I don't know. But I called my doctor, who happens to be my dear uncle, and he called some medicine in for me. The morning of the trip I woke up feeling HORRIBLE so Dad took me to the clinic to get a shot, at that point, it was pretty much an unspoken decision that I wouldn't be going to California on the 7:30 flight as scheduled, if at all. Dad and Uncle Steve quickly made that a SPOKEN decision. I went home, went to bed, woke up several hours later feeling strangely... good. Like, so good that I was scared that something was REALLY wrong because I felt so good. Dad tried in vain to change my flight to a different time, different day, different place, they absolutely would not change it for me. So he called me at about 4 pm and told me, and I told him I felt good enough to go, my fever was gone, I felt GOOD (well, compared). He probably thought insanity had gotten the best of me. I had TWENTY MINUTES before it would be time to go. I hadn't packed. I MIGHT'VE told him that I had already packed so that he wouldn't freak out... but that's all a little unclear in my head :). So I speed packed took off. And the gamble paid off.

at this point, Uncle Steve wasn't very happy with me. I don't blame him. But I took my medicine like a good girl the whole time I was out there.

flew into L.A. with Aubrey, and stayed the night at Amanda's, along with a handful of other Texans.

we went bowling to kill time on Thursday before driving up to Atascadero.

I pretty much LOSE at bowling. It's kind of funny how horrible I am.

Panvimarn Thai for lunch. YUM.

Stayed at Jon and Frieda's. She has the most gorgeous roses EVER. Lots of different colors.

Lunch with Shelley and Sara

Then Aubs and I drove out to Cayucos to see Wendy, Allison, and Liz.

I thought seriously about stealing Denny.

Duckie's in Cayucos

There's more to come... I still haven't achieved the expert blogging award. Okay, fine, I haven't even achieved the semi-okay-but-really-needs-work-blogging award. Therefore, I'm not sure how to upload all my pictures at once and you will view my trip in pieces. Wonderful.

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