Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dinner Conversation

I had a few chuckles during dinner tonight. Sometimes, just sometimes, my family is pretty funny...

We had started out talking about Uncle Tom and Aunt Jo and about how sometimes Aunt Jo says the MOST INAPPROPRIATE things without thinking that they might be inappropriate (Or, as I personally believe, PRETENDING to not know that they are inappropriate, and then blaming everyone else for being inappropriate when they *gasp* in disbelief that she would say such a thing!). I really hope you read this, Aunt Jo, because all of us nieces and nephews have been afraid to approach you on this subject.

Laura: "Well, Mo-om, you do the same thing!"

Mom: "I do not!"

Laura: "Yeah huh. Like when you told my boyfriend's parents that all I wanted for graduation was SUNSCREEN because I burn all the time."

Kristen: Oh boy, this is gonna be a good one...
Dad: Well, I think I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride on this one...

Mom: "Welllll..."

Laura: "But Mom, I don't ever even burn!"

Mom: "But you're in the sun ALL THE TIME, Laura"

Laura: "Yeah, but I never burn and besides, YOU are in the sun all the time and you NEVER wear SUNSCREEN"

Kristen: Pot, Kettle.

Mom: "Well, they can just give you some and you can give it to me."

Kristen: Aw, man.. is that the end?

Laura: *Fumes floating out her ears and over her head*

Well, it wasn't QUITE the same thing as Aunt Jo's inappropriate comments, but I get Laura's point. Which started me thinking on how Laura has become... well, becoming.

For starting out her older teenage years like this -

If you never have the privilege of reading another blog post from me, it's because I've been murdered.

Oooh, the creepy glove picture...

... eating doughnuts six at a time just because we we're on vacation, to keep up with JoLynn, of course...

But now, even kids love her. I am pretty sure they love me more, though.

and she's quite gorgeous, to boot.

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  1. OH my goodness, Laura is all grown up, but I still think of her as the little girl dancing around saying, "singin in the rain is the best, best thing, O baby" I miss little Laura! It makes me so sad to see how fast the years fly, my little Davie will never grow up.

  2. Ha ha, well, Tummy, I still remember YOU screaming 'Remember the Alamo!'... and now you've had baby Davie. Seems so strange. Don't let Davie grow up, at least until I get to see her.