Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Wanderings...

Spent the weekend at my sister's house and it was just us and the boys, due to Girl's Camp stealing Caitlin and Brad. So we started the weekend off with brownies and ice cream (can't go wrong with that)... and I peek into the kitchen after Brant has had several helpings of ice cream to find THIS -

Don't bother putting it in a bowl when you can eat straight out of the container. Saving motions, of course.

AND - I have recently learned that Brant's name is spelled BrantLY and NOT BrantLEY like I've been spelling it for the past four years. How do you know someone for four years and not know how their name is spelled? I'm ashamed.

Braden took me on an adventure. Or we might've gotten locked out of the house and AND had to go on an adventure. To the tree house -

Heights are not my thing.

Bird traps are.

Little boys trying to show off are not. Especially that high off the ground.

Braden - "Aunt Kristen, look at me!"

Myself - "WHAA- cough, cough, well well, thats nice. Now slowly, gently, grab hold of that branch and make your way back into the tree house..."

Braden - "Oh, we do this all the time, it's not dangerous"

Myself - "Well, obviously it IS or you wouldn't be trying to convince me that it's not. You're making me nervous, get over here."

Braden - "Wheeeee, I love swinging with just one hand!!!"

Myself, broken out in a sweat, my fingers already on the 9-1-1 buttons on my phone.

Oh my goodness, that did not make me smile.

Marching on. To Trinity Park and then the IMAX theater with lots of Braden and Brantly's friends -

To learn about the Hubble Telescope

Verrry interesting. After all that floating around in space, I feel like a germ. So tiny and invisible (anndddd dangerous muhahaha juuust kidding). And lots of prompted discussion on whether there is life out there other than just us humans on earth. I say no because I like to believe that God made such a vast and incredible universe to SHOW us what He can do and how much he loves and cares for us individually, so tiny and invisible and germy.

The End

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  1. great thought Kristen! Looks like you had a fun weekend. I'm with you, my fingers would have been on 911 too!

  2. *sigh* I really love the idea of being like a germ