Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red River, NM

And this post brings our lovely trip to a close. I did'nt take very many pictures in Colorado OR Red River... why do I do that?

I love Red River. I want to move there. I am going to convince Uncle Steve to open a small clinic there and I will go work there in the summer. I'm sure he will quickly agree when he hears about my plan. Yes, he will.

Oh, the infamous ski lift. September camp, like, six years ago. We all rode to the top of the mountain, where it promptly started pouring rain. Hiking in the cold, wet rain and mud. Oh yeah.

We met several for dinner at Timber's Steakhouse.

Carter kept me entertained by cutting, stabbing, and gulping giant pieces of imaginary food. Arms flailing about, animated chomping noises... oh me, he's a funny kid.

This is Leighton and I

The Dr. himself... contemplating my plan of moving there, I'm sure.

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  1. By the red river. not quite 5 years ago. your math...stink.
    still have soft squishy spot for you in heart though.

  2. Where oh where has my little blogger gone? Have you gotten tired if it already? :( I'm so depressed....i NEED a dose of butterfly blog....