Thursday, August 11, 2011

More of Colorado

Hanging around the campground included hiking around, volleyball, lots of singing...

... card games and caramel corn...

... and late night trailer parties...

On Friday, several of us went 4 wheeling up to Animas Forks and then over Cinnamon pass and to the American Basin (which is GORGEOUS).

Thank you, James and Lori, for sticking with me when my 4 wheeler died about a million times... and when we missed the turn off that the rest of the group sped through, leaving not so much as a trace of a dust cloud... and when we drove almost all the way to Lake City... and when we were so lost that I entertained thoughts of lying on the ground and pretending that I was hurt so the next car would stop and we could get directions... and when it poured ice-cold rain down on our heads as we sped back to Cinnamon Pass...

Oh, it was great fun... I hit every puddle I could find and the picture doesn't even begin to do justice as to how dirty I was.

And if anyone wants to know how it feels to be 80 years old, go 4 wheeling for nine hours the day before you want to feel that way. Then the next morning, jump out of bed, ready and excited to face the day, and watch and feel as your body keels over in agony and refuses to let you move as a normal person would move for the next two days. It's great fun!

This is Leighton...

And this is Harper... the youngest (and most adorable) humans there.

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  1. Aw, I miss those young, adorable little humans! They are soooooo precious!

  2. Thanks for the pictures! I TOTALLY know what you mean about feeling like an 80 year old after 4 wheeling! That's how I felt the whole trip because Ryan wanted to go 4 wheeling EVERY day. Oh well, it was worth it. So fun.

    Cute blog, by the way!