Monday, July 11, 2011

Sticky Notes & Naps

I haven't really said much about work on this blog, but I will today.

I love my job. And I love my friends and family that have more flexibility and get to do things or go places during the day. And for this reason, I need a sticky note on my computer that reads this - "I am very grateful to have such an awesome job". Because sometimes I have to remind myself of that.

I remind myself of this when my friends go out on days I have to work and invite me. I remind myself when friends from out of state come to visit, and I can't spend every single day having fun with them. I remind myself when my sister goes to my sister's and plays with my niece and nephews and I'm seething with jealousy. Hee hee... not really. Okay, SOMETIMES. But not every time. Mostly. I remind myself when I have to take naps during my lunch break because I stayed up so late the night before with friends or family, which I pretty much never regret, by the way. I remind myself that working full time builds responsibility and character, and builds up the bank account, to boot. Wow, did my dad just hack into my blog?

THEN... I think about how much I love my job. I think about how much I love gaining the experience and knowledge of how to be a good nurse. I think about all the patients that I meet that are so sweet (I try to forget about the ones that aren't so sweet). And I think about how good it feels when I leave, knowing (hoping) that I helped someone feel better today. And how I couldn't pick better co-workers, location, or boss (even though the whole 'uncle' thing still gets... interesting... sometimes).

And I am very happy. That is why I need the sticky note.

And now, I will go curl up in one of the exam rooms for my nap, thank you.


  1. And I think about how much I love that you have that job when I receive spontaneous and pricey gifts on the door step with a note that says "just because I can"..........

  2. That sounds too much like a boyfriendish thing to do. But hey, I'll go camping with you in Colorado this weekend!