Tuesday, July 26, 2011

King Harrison's Round Table

This was Harrison's birthday wish:

Being that I hadn't been there since a SIXTH GRADE field trip, I was more than happy to oblige.

The jousting tournament includes dinner...

... a halariously looking fuzzy headed master of ceremonies...

... brave knights on gallant steeds with squires and swords, jousting their way to the kings approval...

(I know it's blurry... but their FACES! It's the best part!)

Johnny, Walter, Elliott, Winter, Carolyn, Curt, and Clark

... a beloved prince abducted and almost executed by an evil, betraying knight... who happened to be OUR knight... hee hee...

... a very fake acting sorrowful princess, who couldn't seem to BEAR the thought of her dearly beloved never coming back to her kingdom... sniff...

Oh, and did I mention no silverware? That was weird.

Or the fact that Haley was in close vicinity to me and that my ears will never be the same?

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  1. That was ssssooooo much fun. Wish I had videos! Thank you to Harrison for getting it together. Great memories!...and a sore throat. :)