Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to Life, 2012!

For our New Year's Eve we had a night of pizza, homemade candy, and games.

Kristina and I celebrating in style. Don't mind the bathroom.

Two of the main pizza makers - Jenni and Jean. Oh, don't worry, I did my part - throwing cheese and vegetables on top, nibbling here and there, making sure nothing was too poisonous for public consumption. And such.

Who knows what a year may bring forth? Whoooo knows.

Here we have photo-bombing 101.

And more photo-bombing. Let me repeat - who knows what a year may bring forth?

I am so glad that all of ya'll are my family and friends and that no one would even dream of being offended by my minor commentation.

I tried to convince little Lee to celebrate in style. He was having none of it.

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